About Us

Our Vision:      

                                     “Coming together is a beginning,

                                                         staying together is progress,

                                                                         and working together is success.”

                                                                                    – Henry Ford

Evolution of A Mission:

Almost a decade ago, small Pharmacist’s germ for accelerated business growth, fortunately brought International exposured. Business Developer to guide him to venture in International Retail Exports, offer two years grew to Bulk Drop Shipment in wellness sector for 3 years. Sincere empathy for end user drew to devoted authority in Pharmacy. Under the authoritative guidance of Parents from Medicine line complemented with Legal edge from one’s better half. A team has evolved to give nothing but the best.

Out of the range of optional path available, team resolved to walk on path of offering BEST, Complete-n-Permanent Solution, by going to the depth for understanding every probable causes and derive a solution by using maximum possible natural sources to avoid any Un-affordable side effect.

Different path of life and profession of team members, not only ensure different angles to formulation process of Solution/Remedies, but honest-n-sincere criticism helps in eliminating any conventional temptation.

On one hand we work on Instant Solution to a problem which require comparatively long process if to be rectified from base, and if such delay could make situation worse, whereas on other hand we work for permanent improvement /development of TOTAL HEALTH.

Global exposure of Business Development compliment with Pharmaceutical, Neutracutical, Wellness and Cosmetic need / search of varied human race and concern for end users at the base, drive our mission to formulate Best, Safe and Affordable to masses.

Our mechanism to avail inputs from every possible corner of globe through reliable contacts led with feedbacks on offered solution has helped us in formulating our First product suitable rather been appreciated in Northern, Eastern and Western Countries also.

Our honesty-n-sincerity in Product development, helping us in reaping the fruits of Guidance, Suggestion and Demand, which help us in focusing our MISSION to achieve the goal, by en-cashing one of the Richest pocket of Herb’s and Priceless Treasure of Ayurveda “WEALTHY HEALTH FOR ONE-N-ALL