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100% Natural, Safe, PATENTED and Result Oriented formulation for Oligospermia in Men addressing the issues of low sperm COUNT and MOTILITY

Oligospermia is also known as a low sperm count. In Oligospermia there is less number of sperms in the one ejaculate than normal range. Oligospermia is generally defined as less than 20 million sperm per one ml of ejaculate.

The normal sperm count is about 20 million or more sperm per ml in semen and around 60% of the sperm should display normal morphology and indicate forward swimming movement means motility.

Although only one sperm is required to fertilize the ovum.

The table below shows how low sperm counts (Oligospermia) are described:

Description Sperm Concentration in Ejaculate
Mild Oligospermia 10 million to 20 million sperm/mL
Moderate Oligospermia 5 million to 10 million sperm/mL
Severe Oligospermia 1 to 5 million sperm/mL
Cryptozoospermia below 1 Million or rare sperms/mL
Azoospermia 0 sperm

Cryptozoospermia is defined as, so few sperm in one ejaculation that they can be identified only after concentration and centrifugation of the sample.

Azoospermia is defined as the complete lack of motile sperm in semen in one ejaculation.

Oligospermia is one of the main causes of male infertility. But having a low sperm count not necessarily means that it is impossible to conceive, even if the sperm count is below the normal range but if the sperm motility (forward swimming) is adequate there is a chance to conceive, may be difficult to conceive sometimes but not impossible.

Causes of Oligospermia:

Major causes of Oligospermia are the conditions such as varicoceles, hormonal disorders, diseases of the testicles, and obesity. Other causes of oligospermia include stress, smoking, drugs, alcohol, some medications, exposure to some toxins, malnutrition, and being underweight. Some sexually transmitted disease, such as chlamydia, and gonorrhea can also result in oligospermia.

Men with a low sperm count (Oligospermia) are at a higher risk of developing both testicular cancer and prostate cancer later in life.

ALLOPATHIC and AYURVEDIC system of medications are available to deal with the oligospermia.

Allopathic Medications:

There is no effective treatment for oligospermia in Allopathy. The treatment offered includes oral & injectable hormonal medications. Surgeries have got serious side effects and condition usually reoccurs. 

Side effects of Allopathic Medications:

  • Stomach upset
  • Abdominal/pelvic fullness
  • Flushing (“hot flashes”)
  • Headache or dizziness.

Side effects like fever, chills, muscle ache, tiredness, swelling of ankles/hands/feet, mood changes if occur needs to consult the doctor or notify pharmacist promptly.

Ayurvedic Medications:

AYURVEDA is the best and safest way to treat the low sperm count/Oligospermia and low sperm motility.                                                                                                                                                 

AYURVEDA is the science of life, prevention and longevity, it is the oldest and most holistic and comprehensive medical system available. It uses the inherent principles of nature to help maintain health in a person by keeping the individual’s body, mind and spirit in perfect equilibrium with nature.

After years of exhaustive research and digging deep in the Rich Unrevealed Knowledge of AYURVEDA our research team have formulated a product namedNo-Oligo which will not only help to level the sperm count, normalize sperm morphology and sperm motility but improves overall health which are the important health advantages of No-Oligo.

No-Oligois a blend of all NATURAL but ESSENTIAL Vitamins, Anti-Oxidants, Minerals and Trace Elements which are required for sperm production, formation, and maturation.

It provides necessary nutrition for making the outer membrane and tail of the sperm to mature properly. It helps for the healthy development of the nucleus of the sperm cell, and helps maintain semen quality, its powerful Anti-Oxidants improve sperm count, quality, and motility. It contains Trace elements and minerals which are required to protect sperm cells from damage and very helpful for sperm function and fertility. It provides nourishment to the seminal fluid that carries sperm cells and gives protection during transport from their production point to ejaculation point.

Sperm produce small amounts of reactive oxygen species (ROS) that are required for their normal function. It is very important that these free radicals are removed as soon as they have performed their function, if the balance of ROS production and antioxidant activity gets disturbed, high levels of reactive oxygen species will build up, causing oxidative stress. This leads to sperm damage and consequently affects their overall fertilizing capacity.

No-Oligoplays a very vital role to keep a BALANCE between ROS and Anti-Oxidants which protects sperm cells from oxidative stress and prevents sperm damage.

It plays a key role in ensuring good sperm motility and also provides sufficient energy to sperm cells and makes them able to penetrate into an egg.

No-Oligois a 100% Natural, Safe, Patented and Proven formula, which is tried on 3000 men suffering from oligospermia and many of them were suffered from Cryptozoospermia. After completion of the course we got 100% results (sperm counts of all the 3000 men were found in the normal range).

No-Oligosignificantly helps to cure all the stages of low sperm counts (Oligospermia and Cryptozoospermia).

The greatest advantage of No-Oligo is that even after stopping the treatment (after completion of recommended dose) the count remains stable for longer period, where as in allopathic treatment (oral and injectable hormones) it falls as soon as the treatment is stopped.

Men who are suffered from varying degrees of low sperm counts are obsessed about their problem – and this becomes the major concern in their lives.

No-Oligo can be an answer to this embarrassment and keep them out of the stress of infertility.

No-Oligo also helps to improve overall health, as it maintains mind, body and soul function in balance.

Dosages for Mild to Severe Oligospermia:

  • 2 “No-OligoCapsules two times in a day and consistently for 30 days.

Patients from Mild Oligospermia to Severe Oligospermia are advised to take “No-Oligo” daily and consistently for 30 days, this will help them to cure their stage low sperm counts (Oligospermia).

Dosages for Cryptozoospermia:

  • 2 “No-OligoCapsules two times in a day and consistently for 45-60 days.

Patients of Cryptozoospermia means having rare sperms/mL (below 1 Million/mL) are advised to take “No-Oligo” daily and consistently for 45-60 days, this will help them to cure their stage low sperm counts (Cryptozoospermia).

  • Precaution : Keep out of reach of children.
  • Storage Conditions: Store in a cool and dry place protect from heat, sunlight and moisture.
  • Tip                    : Replace closer tightly after every use.


  • IT MAY NOT BE USEFUL IN AZOOSPERMIA: We haven’t tried it on any of the Azoospermia till date but would definitely like to give it a try, (We can offer a free treatment to any Azoospermia patient, for which we will be needing the complete test reports from any reputed laboratory)