Last two decades have seen a tremendous change in the physical, mental and social well-being of human kind.

Whether it’s the climate change, technological advances or the fast-food lifestyle, human beings are facing a challenge of pacing up with these environmental, societal and lifestyle shifts. Consequently, our most important asset “HEALTH” is being jeopardised.

Fortunately, the number of people who are ready to fight this situation and take conscious efforts on their health is increasing, and they are ready to do all the permutations and combinations to find the optimum level of nutrition. However, the over exposure of the information has lead us to the confusion about what to include and how much to include in our daily diet. On top of it, the food industry has given us another point for debate and that is whether to opt for synthetic or natural dietry supplements.

Before we take a stance, let us understand what is sythetic and natural supplement.

SYNTHETIC Nutritional Supplements

In today’s market various mainstream multivitamin supplements are available that contain synthetic nutrients. These supplements are synthetic chemical isolates usually made artificially in laboratories that have benefits of micro-nutrients obtained from whole food sources. Although these supplements try to provide us a healthy serving of specific vitamins, they can not provide us the entire nutrition. These are isolated or fractionated pieces of the whole nutrient.




NATURAL Nutritional Supplements

Natural supplements are completely derived from whole natural sources like fruit, vegetable, herb or spice. It is a known fact that vitamins that are naturally found in whole foods are made up with their necessary components that must work together to produce their intended biologic effects. Therefore, the food derived vitamin supplements provide a whole range of ntutrients, co-factors and enzymes that are highly bioavailable.




Which is BETTER?

To start with, it’s always better to get your nutrients from a healthy and balanced diet. There are the nutirents present in real food that can not be packed in a bottle. However, if you want to include supplements in your daily routine we would recommend to do it naturally. As we strongly believe that nature has all the answers to mankind’s ailments and illnesses. And that’s the reason why  we are trying to rediscover these answers from our mother nature.

The first step towards this is our range of products in the fields of HEALTH-CARE and NUTRITIONAL supplements, which we have developed through extensive research. We strongly believe that our products along with being beneficial for new-age treatments will also help to find Biological Harmony of MAN kind.


ZUSSMA – Love Longer and Live Even Longer!!

Our one of it’s kind health supplement for HEALTHY LIFE & INTIMACY  “ZUSSMA”— a perfect blend of natural ingredients and miraculous herbs for that works as a poweful health supplement for men.

Today’s competitive world has gifted us with many opportunities, but at the same time it has offered us a hectic life-style, stress, anxiety, use of various medications, heavy smoking, and alcoholism. These factors have badly affected our overall wellness of MIND & BODY and our Sexual Life as well.

A healthy Mind & Body and Sex go hand in hand, a healthy sex life promotes a healthy mind and body. Researchers have proved that sex is a wholesome workout of the body. It boosts up the immunity; it also helps to reduce the level of stress and pains. In addition, a balanced sex life maintains the optimum level of Hormones in men and women both, keeping them young for a longer period.

Thankfully, this sex and healthy life balance can be achieved naturally through some miraculous herbs and various immensely powerful resources that are already present in the nature. These resources are extremely potent if well formulated and consumed in a right proportion, and can be developed as exceptional supplements and aphrodisiac that are essential for healthy sexual life.

Zussma is one such natural formulation that has been developed through constant and in-depth research of such miraculous herbs that work as an aphrodisiac with multi-fold benefits on male system. Zussma is a perfect blend of natural ingredients, which are the proven cure for erectile dysfunction and other related male sexual debilities.


SUPRAIMMUNE – A heath drink for wholesome growth and development

Children as we all know are “Fussy Eaters” and making them eat at least one healthy meal is a challenging task. And even though they are getting more than enough to eat, there are chances that they are not getting enough of required nutrients. With changing times, growing up is not a piece of cake anymore. Children are constantly chasing the academic challenges and leading a stressful life while conquering these challenges. Furthermore, our changing lifestyle and eating patterns have increased our kids reachability to junk food and technology has eased it’s availability at their doorstep. Result of all this:


We all are aware that major impact of poor nutrition is on the immune system, which in-turn causes significant delay in physical growth as well as in cognitive development. To fight this situation we have come up with a comprehensive solution: SUPRAIMMUNE SUPRAIMMUNE is a NATURAL nutritional health drink powder that is formulated after a deep study and exhaustive research especially for growing children that will boost overall development, growth, enhance memory and mental performance as well as boost immunity.