SUPRAIMMUNE – A heath drink for wholesome growth and development

SUPRAIMMUNE – A heath drink for wholesome growth and development

Children as we all know are “Fussy Eaters” and making them eat at least one healthy meal is a challenging task. And even though they are getting more than enough to eat, there are chances that they are not getting enough of required nutrients. With changing times, growing up is not a piece of cake anymore. Children are constantly chasing the academic challenges and leading a stressful life while conquering these challenges. Furthermore, our changing lifestyle and eating patterns have increased our kids reachability to junk food and technology has eased it’s availability at their doorstep. Result of all this:


We all are aware that major impact of poor nutrition is on the immune system, which in-turn causes significant delay in physical growth as well as in cognitive development. To fight this situation we have come up with a comprehensive solution: SUPRAIMMUNE SUPRAIMMUNE is a NATURAL nutritional health drink powder that is formulated after a deep study and exhaustive research especially for growing children that will boost overall development, growth, enhance memory and mental performance as well as boost immunity.

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