Get that Extra Mile!!

The term “Love Making” does not only mean sexual intercourse, it goes beyond that. “Love Making” is a perfect unison of passion, romance, love, and fun. When these emotions are experienced during the moments of intimacy, we forget our worries, stress and pains. We live in that exact moment. Love making is that celestial experience which gives us comfort and rejuvenates are senses. However, with time love making becomes just sexual intercourse and your special moves become routine moves. However, there are ways to avoid such situations and to get that extra mile of fun, passion and intimacy. One of them is using a good quality aphrodisiac and we are here to present one — ZUSSMA OIL!!

Opposite Attracts to Find a Golden Mean!!

Golden mean is achieved when we find the desirable middle between two extremes. ZUSSMA OIL has exactly the same phenomena where it’s unique FIRE & ICE effect gives you an experience of Golden Mean. This cool sensation for your burning desires is extremely enjoyable. It contains few ingredients that are scientifically proven for their ANTISEPTIC and ANTI-INFLAMMATORY properties. These ingredients help to cure micro-injuries and inflammations caused during intercourse (applicable if occurs). Therefore, your female partner will love this product as it gives a very pleasant after effect to females that overshadows the after-intercourse irritations. In addition to all of this, it’s SENSUAL AROMA, not only plays the important role as MOOD ENHANCER but also gives an after effect which lasts for hours in the individual’s mind and reminds them about intensely pleasurable feelings and satisfaction they received because of this product.

Unique Quality Unique Experience

Exercising Zussma Oil is our unique innovative product that has been conceived on the concept of Yin and Yang, which describes that everything in the universe consists of two forces that are opposing but complementary. Based on this, we have developed this oil with fire and ice effect — two entirely opposite sensations when combined together gives an experience of ecstasy.

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